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Ranger Walkthrough (Page 1)

This page will show you what Ranger looks like, with detailed screen shots from it being used. These screen shots come from the live system that I am using. (Remember that I said that i used this program at my old work!). This page may take a little while for you, if you are on slow internet, as there are quite a lot of screen shots :) These screen shots were taken of Ranger v1.2.0.0.

This is the screen that appears when you boot up Ranger. Notice that the Closed cases are already Filtered out of the Lists. There is also a Splitter Bar between the Warranties and Credits Lists. (so you can proportionally resize each side appropriately). On the bottom left, there is the Details window. When you click on a claim in the lists, it will display all the details pertaining to that Claim. On the bottom right is the Toolbox buttons. These buttons feature several different functions

Here you can see that when you disable the filtering of the Closed cases, it mixes the Open and Closed cases together.

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